About Us

You have probable heard of us, we have got the biggest gaming presence head quartered in Nairobi – Kenya!
Sounds impressive? It really is.
Worldwide, gaming is huge. With the average gamer aged 39, spending 8 hours a week playing, male and female gamers are about even when it comes down to it. Gaming is bigger that the film industry – with studios now making more from game spin-offs than the blockbusters themselves. As we said, gaming is big. It’s bigger than big. VIVID GOLD? We’re at the heart of it.
We are specialists in video games! Our independent profit centers include:

Outlet – Exclusive retail chain that specializes in all Gaming Consoles, Games Software and High Quality Accessories within Nairobi.

Distribution – Specialist distribution that manages channels in Video Game Brands across the EA region.

eSports – Think of us as an agency, a consultant connecting gamers, consumers and clients together using eSports.

Events – Simulator and VR Technology Hire Experts

Our value proposition is for the millennial, tech-savvy and digital centric who desire an alternative form of entertainment; we offer products, services, experiences and solutions that deliver on-screen video game entertainment so as to progress beyond the screen in areas of challenge, problem solving and social interaction.
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Create a one stop shop for, ground breaking video game products, services, experiences and solutions.
Build a business that enriches the lives of gamers with products, services, experiences and solutions designed to fuel their favorite passion. We stay in close touch with gamers and learn what they really love.
Our culture is grounded to continuous learning to accommodate growth, lead responsibly, excellent customer service, pocket friendly pricing and commit to quality.
Our mission is to build a leading video game market share and specialist reputation by offering products curation, exclusive services, experiential deals, immersive solutions and passionate staff dedicated to helping customers.
Our impact is to build a valuable community for gamers, with the aim of being the Number 1 favourite provider of gaming inspiration from what to buy and sell, great ways to play, compete and improve.
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