XBOX 360 Viking Battle For Asgard


The task of stopping Hel and defending the future of mankind falls to Skarin a promising but deeply flawed young warrior, ignorant of the true reason for his favor with the Gods…

Skarin is an uncompromising force, a play-thing of the Gods rebelling against their selfish agenda in a whirlwind clash of flash and steel set against the back-drop of a rich Viking culture and mythology.

Percussive moment of impact combat, savage and brutal, Vikings combat is a range fuelled meat grinder directed by the player; fusing over-the-top dismemberment with disturbing realism by displaying the gore-soaked real nature of close combat in detail. Transitions in real time from small scale skirmishes to mass battles, become on amongst many and turn the tide in favour of your kinsman.

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  • The story of a Viking Hero. Skarin is an uncompromising force. A plaything of the gods rebelling against their selfish agenda. The definitive Viking warrior.
  • Rich Viking Lore. The violent and glorious world of Viking mythology brought to stunning life. Players will write their own legends to be told around the campfire.
  • Vast open world environments. Explore, uncover and fight your way across huge next gen worlds full of combat, exploration and quests.
  • High impact, brutal combat engine. Experience intensely physical melee combat. Dismember enemies with deadly combat moves in a whirlwind of death.
  • Mythical Powers. Tame dragons and command them to rain fire upon your enemies. Call on magic and the power of the gods to win the mortal war.
  • Free your people. Liberate your Viking kinsmen from the clutches of Hel. Earn their trust and their sword arm. Fight alongside them in battle.
  • Epic Battles. Lay the foundations for huge battles featuring hundreds of dynamic NPC warriors. Subtly influence the battle through targeted assassination or wade in to save stricken allies. Become one amongst many and turn the tide in favour of your kinsmen.


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