XBOX 360 Blue Dragon


Blue Dragon is a revolutionary RPG set in a massive, immersive world. Players assume the role of young hero Shu and set out with his friends for the epic journey to discover their past and the ultimate mystery surrounding their Shadow creatures.

From the creator of Final Fantasy, Blue Dragon will set a new standard for the RPG genre on Xbox 360 by offering players a cinematic and immersive experience, uniquely combining the richness and depth of photorealistic environments with anime-style characters, all while incorporating a unique turn-based battle system within the context of a comprehensive and deep storyline.

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  • Deep and immersive storyline – Epic journey to discover the identity of their shadows and the power they bring (40+ hours of gameplay)
  • Unique and dynamic battle system with the use of shadow creatures – high level of interactivity with enemy characters and many ways of initiating the combat
  • Development legacy – Expectation that “all-star†team will drive excitement and anticipation in Japan, and expect that specifically Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball Z affinity should resonate globally


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