Wii G. Carnival funfair games



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  • Designed to support DS functionality including dual-screen challenges, touch screen technology and microphone control
  • Over 20 family-friendly favourites: Alley Ball, Dunk Tank and Frog Leap are complemented with all-new games exclusive to the Nintendo DS version, including RC Raceway, Loud Mouth and Bumper Boats
  • Explore the colourful funfair grounds for the very first time. You can play games, buy candy floss and discover hidden surprises and attractions
  • Win over 65 virtual prizes! The higher your score the better the prize – now go win that Ninja sword and rock guitar!
  • Complete customisation mode: gender, skin tone, hair colour and a countless supply of Wacky Wearables including a pirate’s hat, gorilla feet, bowling ball head, dragon mask and much more!