Simulator Sparco Evolve Cockpit

KES220,000.00 KES215,000.00

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The Evolve R100 is Sparco Gaming’s Racing Cockpit, combining their Evolve chassis with the lovely R100 seat. The R100 seat is inspired by a real Sparco performance seat. The design of the seat is very impressive, matching the Evolve chassis, with red and black contrast colours throughout, so the whole unit looks great. The R100 seat is also very comfortable, and made of very premium materials. There is good bolstering so you feel like you’re in a sporty bucket seat, and this is balanced by good cushioning so it is pleasant to sit in –  it may be the cheapest seat in the range, but it is a very good one! Other Evolve cockpits have super-authentic deep bucket racing designs, which some people will prefer and others will not – if you don’t prefer those seats, this R100 is the one you should buy.

This is the best seat for people who have wider waists and are taller than average. The reason for this is that the other seats all have deep side bolsters, like in real racing cars. If you are fatter & wider than the average person, you will likely find the side bolsters too narrow and they may be uncomfortable, or you may not even fit! Seriously, we invited some ‘bigger’ people to see who could fit in our Evolve-C, so this was tested in reality and is a genuine issue with the Evolve. The beautiful Italian design is easy to see in this fantastic item, and will transform your Sim Racing experience!

Compatible wheels: Thrustmaster: T300, T500RS, TX, TS-PC Racer;  Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT;  Fanatec: Clubsport Wheelbase V2, CSL Elite Wheel Base

Compatible pedal sets: Thrustmaster: T3PA, T3PA PRO;  Logitech: G25, G27, G29, Driving Force PRO, Driving Force GT;  Fanatec: Clubsport V3 + inverted, CSL Elite Pedals + LC.