Racing Wheel Thrustmaster TX Ferrari F458 Italia Edition (Xbox One/PC)

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  • eplica of the wheel on the latest Ferrari 458 Italia, star vehicle of Forza Motorsport 4!
  • 28 cm XXL size (7/10ths of the original) with rubber texture cladding for optimal handling on Xbox 360.
  • Wheel-mounted sequential gearbox: 2 Ferrari GT-style metal paddle shifters.
  • Genuine “Manettino” dial: 2-position switch lets users directly change game settings while they race (example: changing views in Forza Motorsport 4), Automatically returns to neutral position8 easy-access action buttons + one 8-direction D-pad in the form of an “Engine Start” button.
  • Xbox Guide button with illuminated ring indicating the player number.
  • 270° steering radius.
  • Pedal set featuring pedals with long range of travel, plus realistic resistance and an