PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma

ps3 ninja gaiden

PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma

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Superior graphics on PS3 Sigma version with enhanced colors and gameplay speed. Three brand new Chapters added to PS3 Sigma, totaling 18 Chapters. Rachel is playable character now including updated story line. 25 new Missions in Mission Mode for both Ryu and Rachel. New enemies & 3 new Boss characters, totaling 70, with retuned & enhanced AI. New weapons including dual-wield katanas, double swords, Ninja magic, and others. New combos and special action moves such as running & fighting on surface of water. New destructible environments and items. New innovative six-axis controller functionality to assist in fighting enemies. Upload Karma scores on Playstation Network to compare leader boards. Additional content made available later in 2007 to further enhance the Ninja Gaiden Sigma PS3 experience. 5 difficulty levels, including access to easier “Ninja Dog” level at any Chapter during game allows for playability for all skill levels of gamers.

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  • 18 chapters, 25 missions and a new playable character – Rachael
  • 70 new characters, including bosses – all with enhanced AI
  • All-new combos and special moves, like running & fighting on water
  • Dual-wield katanas & other swords, while using new kinds of Ninja magic
  • Innovative new fighting and motion system using the SIX-AXIS controller


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