Vivid Gold eSports, provides a broad spectrum of turnkey solutions that covers gaming technology, event management, production and broadcasting in an effort to give game publishers, consumer brands and partners exposure and influence on a targeted audience, thereby enabling them to generate new revenue streams by leveraging this unique and highly sought after global millennial demographic.

Our passion for gaming, our team of accredited gaming, marketing and creative professionals will craft a customized plan of services to meet each brands unique needs. Each completed project makes us learn from it, and create innovative brand solutions that merge the world of gaming with third party brands.

Our vision is to be the most recognized and trusted game services company in East Africa. Delivering a premium service to our consumers and brands, both on and offline.Our mission is to bring people together through unique experiences that can't be achieved anywhere else, with a view to expand beyond our gaming heritage.


We handle some of the biggest names in the gaming industry from hosting eSports events to product media launches. When it comes to deploying and hosting multi-player games our team has the expertise you need to get your game in the hands of your target audience.

We listen to our partners, understand the audience, upgrade the content and improve. Our team is trusted to deliver to a local audience that wants international quality.

We are the perfect solution for you to meet your objectives. We get it, we understand it, we deliver and we take ownership for an A to Z solution.


We work tirelessly to bring games, to gamers and game enthusiasts. As gamers ourselves we know what gaming means to those who love it. That's why we work tirelessly to create new and innovative ways to bring games to gamers and game enthusiasts.

Gaming is the lifeblood for our culture. For years, gamers and game enthusiasts have struggled to find the right environment to challenge players like themselves in a fair and rewarding environment. Now with the latest technology, partners and support, we give East African gamers and game enthusiasts the chance to compete at the highest level. We work to connect gamers and game enthusiasts together through the medium we all love.

We develop platforms that bring gamers and game enthusiasts, to develop their skills, compete, achieve recognition and win some great prizes. As a result, players have emerged quickly from across East Africa and the emergence of the platform is now producing some of the best talent in eSports.



Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.


Consulting in marketing, media and brand integration for the gaming sector both to publishers and brands. We bring consumer brands closer to publishers and vice versa to deliver key goals and objectives respectively.


Ideas are something that we pride ourselves on, we want to bring fresh solutions that stand out, do not always fit the typical mold and can push the bar even higher. We like to pride ourselves on our creative thinking commercially and strategically in addition to the execution itself. We give you the solution, then pick with you the resource required to execute.


Licensing for many agencies and brands is where ideas can run into problems and timelines run out of control. We have the experience to provide a go to market solutions on tight deadlines and offer realistic and executable propositions that for the brand inline with varying market conditions.



Big or small, we've got a solution when you need it. Our team is ready and waiting for your projects, and all you need to do is to reach us.

Kindly fill in the contact form.

Vivid Gold is the Tournament Host Partner in the East Africa Gaming Convention, 2017 to held at the 2 Rivers Mall - CK Square, Ruaka on 15th April to 16th April 2017. We are hosting EAGC FIFA 17 Masters & EAGC MKXL Challange. Check out brackets, standings, predictions, discussions & current signed up participants, here!

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