Horizon Zero Dawn

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Review! Initial impressions Upon installing and booting Horizon Zero Dawn, inputting initial settings change & selecting a difficulty, you are presented with a cut scene which gives you a bit…

Recommended 4 You

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Its the Weekend! We have a busy weekend ahead, getting ready for Horizon Zero Dawn and getting some other content done, Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta is definitely on our check…

Valentine’s Edition

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Your Better Half aka Your Player 2 needs a gift this valentines. Click the highlighted words, to check out our Gamer’s Valentine’s Edition. Keep it Vivid Gold.

We Thank You!

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#ThankYou! We would like to thank all our customers & suppliers for helping our online shop vividgold.co.ke grow it’s #2016 calendar year sales by 18.2%. Our performance in the videogames…

Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Release date confirmed for March 3, 2017. PreOrder Open Ksh 35000. Features: • Console is region-free. This means that you’ll be able to buy games in other countries…

Assassin’s Creed The Movie

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“We work in the dark to serve the light!” Review. Begins with a young #CallumLynch “Desmond”, witnessing the death of his mother & being forced to run away into the…

Video Games..Best of 2016!


Introducing..Vivid Gold, Best of 2016 Awards! Comment below, as a reader’s choice, your best games in the following categories: Lastly, comment on your 2016, GAME OF THE YEAR #GOTY. Its a combination…

PS4 Pro Gaming Controllers

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Officially licenced PS4 Pro Gaming Controllers is causing mayhem (good & bad) within the pro gaming zone! Sony says, the Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution will give the competitive and…

Final Fantasy XV

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Review! ● Booting up #FFXV, the screen simply reads “a Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers”. It has made an effort to appeal to a broader audience than ever before.…

PlayStation Experience 2016 (PSX16)

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This year’s PlayStation Experience goes to show that PlayStation is ready to provide gamers with what they want, including new titles, sequels to past hits, and revivals of gems that…